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Tanja Ackerman
Tanja Ackerman

Mid North Coast NSW, Australia

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Acrylic on Canvas


Synaesthetic Painting of Schumann Piano Quartet Op 47, written in 1842. It is one of the most frequently performed and recorded piano quartets in the standard repertoire. Schumann the Romantic conveys a tender duet aria between cello and violin that seems to speak so clearly without using a single word. "Andante Cantabile" (Acrylic on Canvas) captures the 'dialogue" between the Cello and violin in a vibrant, powerful and tender manner.Vibrant, expressive synaesthetic painting (Acrylic on Canvas) of Schumann Piano Quartet Op 47.

The cellist has to tune her lowest string down to B flat, on which note she provided a long drone which to me created a sense of whispered mystery. Above this note, the remaining players pre-echo, as if in slow motion and from a distance, the opening motif of the finale. Music and art affect me viscerally, multi senses are stimulated.

The music is intimate, delicate, and its chamber textures pure. The work is a concentrated and highly integrated composition that manages to naturally incorporate all the key features of Classical chamber music. Melody, counterpoint, motivic development, heart-felt song, quicksilver scherzo, and even fugue come together for a rich composite that pays tribute to Schumann’s ardent study of the masters: Haydn, Mozart and especially Beethoven.


Leaves artist's studio in 1-3 working days

#red, #cello, #violin, #music, #chamber music, #schumann, #synaesthesia, #Modern art, #pattern
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