Tanya Behr


I placed my canvas in water and added acrylic paint to create this interesting marbling affect.


On 16th September 2015, I created this painting.
I was influenced by the movie "What Dreams May Come" directed by Vincent Ward and starring the late Robin Williams. [RIP]
It's a sad but amazing movie. You will have to see it, to understand the painted world / creative journey.
It was scary to give up my stable full-time job of 7 years, selling or giving away most my possessions and enrolling to study Visual Art College. My loving family and friends support my decision to follow my heart and become an Art Teacher.
I don't want to ruin the movie for you but there's is a scene with paint. You will know when you see it. With this in mind, I tried to capture my painted world which I had to walk through by myself.

#landscape, #mystery, #forest, #creative journey, #nature, #marbling, #purple, #silver, #Pink, #black trees
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