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Tea Ercoles
Tea Ercoles

Frankston‚ Vic, Australia

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thick textures using bright bold colours with flowing line work to express the movement and sound of nature.


Mixed Media on canvas, ready to hang

Signed on the front

When I am painting I get lost in the moment and what is hidden within myself can surface. I look back now at my last year of work and I can see what I have been craving the most: a moment of peace and quiet for myself.

Water. Floating weightless in a blanket of water and let the ripples wash away your worries. I am obsessed with water. I grew up near the beach and I remember falling asleep lulled by the waves. In my career as an artist water has been somewhere present in my art, maybe hidden in a vase of flowers or in the explosion of drops of a dog shaking it off. I cannot swim, but I feel safe in water.

Flowers. I love my garden. It is always very generous and each season it rewards me with new shapes and new colours. Nature doesn’t compromise with its brightness and colours, so why should I. The richness of my garden floats in my painting with the bold textures and the intense colours.

#bright, #colourful, #texture, #love of nature, #flowers, #poppies
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