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By _ Tillian _

Bundanoon, NSW., Australia

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Latest painting from "The River" Series

The plunge, the arc, the walls of stone, spiraling out a deep generous release
and then the ecstatic surfacing in the upper chambers of your heart
where I would swim forever, flooding myself in the spar of your luminescent atoms.

In the act of painting two motions are at play - two delights entwining as it were - like a rising and falling of currents. One motion seeks to conceal, to mystify; the other seeks to illuminate, startle and define. The painter plays with these opposing forces, allows them to unfurl around his staff of impunity - his practice, his method, his craft.


River, Hills, Shade, Leaves, Pool, Dive, Blue, Black, Whirlpool, Ecstacy, Nature, Tillian, Tillianart, Tilliananda, Sacred Waters, Aquifer