I engage in art as an attempt to bypass the intellectual, to tear apart and peel back the self imposed veneer—almost brutally at times. And, with hope, reveal a consciousness that has no predetermined idea or thought sequence. I want to eliminate the falseness and limited intelligence of thought and expose the beauty and truth of feeling and absolute knowing which comes from the heart. The process I use is a metaphor for my own continual transformation.

I begin my expression with excessively thick layers of paint and colour as representations of ego and identity. This process has no real basis in reality but is a construct of my beliefs— both cultural and personal.

The initial layering of paint is a quick, reckless process tinged with fear, doubt and calculation, again a metaphor for life's moments...but it is the courage to remove the initial unconscious past that gives my art depth and connectedness. I then attempt to peel back these false layers using the often harsh, graceless process of elimination.

This is where time consumes me—within the very physical process that is my transformational practice. Sometimes it is painful, and emotionally revealing. At other times it is joyful, passionate and tender. My ultimate desire is to connect, to myself primarily and to live and create without regret or fear of consequence.


1988–1989 BA Communications Newcastle University

1989-1992 BA Arts (Graphic Design) Newcastle University

1992-1995 Graphic Designer Peach Advertising, Newcastle

1994 Award School Sydney

1995-1996 Graphic Designer Horniak & Canny, Sydney

1996-2002 Director, Founder and Creative Director/Design satellite ink

2002-2004 BA Arts, Visual Arts Newcastle University

2013 Artist, Mum and freelance graphic designer


Finalist in the Wynne Prize 2016

Finalist in The Gosford Art Prize 2016

2016 Solo exhibition Cooks Hill Galleries, Newcastle NSW, Australia.

2015 Joint exhibition The Production Hub Newcastle NSW Australia.

2015 Joint exhibition Cooks Hill Galleries, Newcastle NSW Australia.

2014 Finalist (top 30) in Saatchi Art 'Showdown' competion 'In Glorious Colour'.

2013 Solo Exhibition Truevision Gallery Redhead

2011 Joint Exhibition Tyler Gallery, Islington Newcastle

2003 Group exhibition Newcastle University Watt Space Gallery


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Artist: Tracey Smith

Exhibiting at Truevision Gallery until the end of April.

Charming interpretations of Australian landscapes encrusted with warm dialogue are revealed at an ambient gallery in Redhead at present. Tracey Smith, who has a background in graphic design, shows a substantial and strong collection of large acrylic and mixed media works.

Deep hues applied in large splodges and wide arcs are ensconced in a multitude of layers only to be partially exposed as the art making process evolves. Paint applied in this physical nature exhibits a delightful arbitrariness, a happy gathering of random and expressive marks.

Balanced against an abstracted view of rustic scenery are satisfying ethereal qualities. Fresh, clean surfaces in Blue Pearl Bay and Untitled expose opalescent traits in both colour and depth. In unique contrast is Finches at Knorrit Flat. Delicate characters are exposed creating intrigue. Juxtaposed against an aged patina, this delightful art work suggests the weathered environment exists through renewal.

Graceful moments are appreciated in this captivating exhibition. Communication between the artist and materials is apparent. The final effect is a high quality body of work depicting Australia’s environment both emotionally and intuitively.

To discover an inner world within ourselves and our being is more
than an observation for this artist.
The subconscious and conscious mind is a driving force with Tracey on many levels. Her awareness/ desire for learning and hopefully discovery is a process within her art. The revealing of what lies below is more than a fascination; maybe it’s an obsession. Physical body management is also a vital aspect
for her as with the mind .

A spiritual person at heart has much to do with Tracey’s approach to art.
The surface directs the viewer to one interpretation, however we know there is so much more beyond that plane. She seeks the spirituality of
a place or landscape which transcends to her painting.

Colour or it’s subtle use is her intended approach. There is almost a reversal of it’s use and application. Consequently it is under played.
There is strength of colour and tone but it is used spacially and texture is never too far away!
Discovery and the novelty thereof is as a result of a sanding back process Tracey has developed. We are often presented with gems within. Highlights of intense colour against a field of toned variation.

Tracey Smith is an artist who becomes immersed in her painting and the moment of development. The viewer and owners of her art receive a warmth almost a glow which is a feeling of emotion. This is Tracey at work with her art emitting an aura, mood and atmosphere.

Please follow this individual artist. She retains a spiritual light which
we can all benefit from, a peace of mind is the culmination.


Australian landscape painters—Belinda Fox, Aaron Kinnane, Tod Hunter, Aida Tomescu. Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning.

150cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Acylic, household paint, canvas.
152cm (W) x 122cm (H)
Acrylic on canvas
190cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Acrylic and household paint on canvas
122cm (W) x 189cm (H)
Acrylic and household paint on canvas
150cm (W) x 180cm (H)
Acrylic on Canvas