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By Tracey Smith Featured

Redhead, NSW., Australia

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Redhead Beach is in Australia. You can climb Redhead Bluff and actually see down to first creek. I wanted to convey a sense of this arial view but also the experience of being on the beach at the same time. The burning your feet in the hot sand , the glare of the sun and the coolness of the water. So I am conveying a voeristic viewpoint alongside my personal experience of the beach that I’ve walk along most days in the past 10 years. I believe we are all connected to the land, she does not belong to us-we belong to her. If I am alone and intimate with her, I feel this connection intrinsically. Being in the landscape is a spiritual experience for me, a meditation and I paint the same way to convey this connection and feeling. I use many layers that I either take off, build up further or cover up. Again I think this is a metaphor for how we sometimes relate to our earth.