RAW Artist since December 2016
I am a Brisbane based, Adelaide born contemporary abstract artist. From a very young age I would spend hours drawing, for the most part animals.
I never remember a time I didn't have a pencil poised.
My love and passion for animals has, and continues to give me an abundance of inspiration and pleasure. I instinctively gravitate to bright , bold colours which is reflected in my works.
I studied Art and Design throughout high school, with my major work comprising of Street and Graffiti Art.
The large scale murals on industrial walls were fascinating to me, an injection of colour, creativity and beauty in an otherwise bland environment.
These early memories have had an enormous impact on my style and colour palette to date. Colour for me is imperative, it evolks feelings of happiness and pleasure which I strive to translate into my paintings

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Scotch college
Flinders university South Australia


RAW Brisbane: CUSP, February 2017
Fairfield Library: 1st June -30th June 2017


Pop Culture, street and Graffiti Art
Andy Worhol, James Rosenquist, Johnny Romeo

61cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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