I'm an accomplished taxidermist who has recently delved into turning some of my creations into art. It started by taking my daughter to an art gallery (she's a very good painter at 12) and talking to the artist who, upon seeing some of my taxidermy, suggested I try painting. I had never had any inclination to pick up a brush or pencil but had a dream one night that I could draw. The following day a started churning out some decent sketches and ideas. I applied this to my fish reproductions and have come up with my own style. 100% original 1 of a kind pieces. Every piece is put together on how I feel at the time. I have been doing commission work with taxidermy as a profession and have now taken the blinkers off and broadened my horizon
I have had no training in any of the arts and even as a taxidermist I am self taught.

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    77cm (W) x 32cm (H)
    Acrylic Paint
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