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By William Holt

Southbank, Australia

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Rebound 2017 ( Diptych)
This vastly expansive abstract painting combines the rich textural power making it a compelling piece for a large feature position in home, work and Gallery.
Is the newest addition to a series on the qualities of tenacity ,durability and revival in human and natures in built sustaining resourced we all share.
(note see Rebound pt 1 & 2 sold individually here)
I've always believed in the authentic aura of a
Art is more than an image ..
it is a presence!
It has to have a physical side.
That "body' of the art work
is a large part of its
interaction with the viewer!
I try to leave an immediciacy
in the process and maintain
my initial inspiration for all to see!


power, texture, abstract, red, blue, contemporary, large painting, original, local artist, william holt