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Wilna ten Cate


Oil on canvas


We all know that dark, lost feeling that can drag you down and make you miserable! I painted this picture to remind me of a time that our small little family went through a terrible experience on our farm. The thought of losing each other was suddenly genuine and the road to recovery slow!
Hope was the only thing that kept us going.
The hummingbird in this picture may be small and delicate, but hummingbirds are considered to be messengers from heaven, encouraging us to hope and trust in God and to throw off our burdens of the past. The Aztecs believed that hummingbirds were messengers from their ancestors, in Central America, the indigenous people think that hummingbirds are bringers of love, luck, and joy. We must always remember that no matter what happens with you in life, happiness lies within us. We must accept the negative and bitter experiences in our life but move on to enjoy life, find inner peace and walk in the light. Even if you lose everything, you must always remember that as the small, fragile hummingbird small blessings in your life are invaluable!


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