Aboriginal Artist - Mavis Nampitjinpa - Kalipinpa - Water Dreaming

Acrylic Paint
50cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 3cm (D)
By Catherine Jaktman - Curator Featured

Canberra, Australia

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Kalipinpa – Water Dreaming


Catalog Number: 15-MN81
Size: 50 x 90 cm (Unframed)
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


In this painting Mavis Nampitjinpa paints her Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), the Water Dreaming, it’s north of Kinore for Aboriginal people of the Western Desert, Kapi (water) is a crucial resource for survival. When the rain arrives in the desert the landscape comes to life with all the desert flowers blooming, bush tucker abundant and people taking advantage of all the joys that water brings.


Mavis was born at New Haven, She is the sister of Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and Smithy Zimran Tjampitjinpa. Her sisters Yuyuya Nampitjinpa and Gina Nampitjinpa are from the same birth mother and father (Tjangala). She enjoys travelling to Kintore to visit with her sister Yuyuwa. Gina lives in Alice Springs and Mavis is able to see her regularly.

She has moved to Haasts Bluff as a teenager with her mother. When she married she moved to Mt Liebig with her husband and began to paint at the art centre there. Mavis returned to Haast’s Bluff after the death of her husband, later moving to Papunya.

Mavis likes to paint the Ceremonial Dancing of ladies at Mt Liebig, and represents their body painting designs. She also paints the story given to her by her Grandfather of Kalipinpa, the Water Dreaming, which comes from her mother’s side.

She has raised five children as her own, and her daughter, Sylvana Marks, is also an artist.

Shows & Exhibitions:
•Group Exhibitions
•2010 – Artkelch, Germany
•2009 – Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane, “Ikuntji meets Brisbane”
•2006 – Australian Dreaming Art Gallery, Melbourne, Combined Exhibition with Papunya Artists
•Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs, “Desertmob”
•2005 – Art Mob, Hobart, “Mother and Daughter”
•Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs, “Desertmob”
•Coutesy Alcaston Gallery, Sydney, Art Sydney 05
•Courtesy Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Affordable Art Fair
•Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs, “Desertmob”

Painting comes with a COA and is stretched and ready to hang.




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