Firstly and most importantly, I am not a conceptual artist choose to avoid describing my work so that the viewer can embark on their own journey with what I have created.  What you see will be different from what I see or what your friend sees. And it's not my place or even my right to interfere with that. I find this to be especially important due to the abstract nature of my work.
Just as a poet needn't make a painting to explain their poem, I have chosen a visual medium for a reason and see no need to justify that visual medium with words. And so the pieces explain themselves better than I could ever hope to do with words.
Although I would say my work is an expression of the profound joy, utter wonder and intense gratitude I feel for life itself.
I once heard David Hockney say that 'love' was probably as close words could get to describing what his work was about. I relate to that.
In regards to my process, I relate it to when jazz (a form of music I adore) musicians jam. Only I'm jamming on my own in a sense. The process takes care of itself and the art ends up creating itself. This is a process that I live for and whilst I find it next to impossible to describe, can say it fills me with a very heightened sense of life.
It's the same whether I am painting or creating work digitally. I have painted for as long as I can remember and the digital work is relatively new for me, but I have been quite surprised by how similar the two forms actually are from a creative process perspective. The digital work for the most part is literally 'drawn' with a digital pen whereas with the paintings I use a brush to 'draw'.
Although I would have to include the I am loving the enormous room for experimentation the digital side of things allows for.
In both cases I sometimes have a vague notion of the direction of the picture, but it never turns out that way. The initial idea is just the commencement of the journey. It's like finding a seed and planting it, not knowing what it will grow into.
The most important thing for me is that I 'get out of the way' on a personal level and allow myself to be guided by my intuition; to follow my gut rather than my head.  


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61cm (W) x 84cm (H)
55cm (W) x 86cm (H)
84cm (W) x 67cm (H)
107cm (W) x 107cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
61cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
92cm (W) x 122cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
112cm (W) x 153cm (H)
Acrylic Paint