Zach Wong

Windsor, VIC, Australia

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Part of a series of paintings which depicts different doors and different openings. Personally‚ I find doors fascinating‚ as the face of a home or a place. They appear to say one thing about the place‚ but can present another upon entry.

This door is an afterthought from the original Blue Moroccan door which was recently sold. Inspired by the doors of Morocco and the greens of a recent series of smaller paintings‚ I decided to create another complex layered door frame of Moroccan inspired tiles‚ adorning an equally complicated metallic gold door.

This is a detailed and complicated piece from a technical perspective‚ involving layering of colours and tones to achieve depth yet retaining detail. Being done entirely in freehand‚ some of the tiles‚ unfortunately‚ distort in proportions.


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