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Windsor, VIC, Australia

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Part of a series of paintings which depicts different doors and different openings. Personally‚ I find doors fascinating‚ as the face of a home or a place. They appear to say one thing about the place‚ but can present another upon entry.

This door is the second in a series of small squared canvases depicting red themed doors. The influence behind this door stems from my recent trip to Barcelona in October 2010. While roaming the side streets and alleyways of the Gothic Quarter‚ I stumbled across many intimate doors which spoke volumes about the character of the building and space behind it. One which stood out the most in the medieval area was a oxidised copper dial affixed to a wooden door. It felt strangely out of place - as if a portal to another country.

Here I\'ve merge the mosaics of Gaudi with the lingering memory of that door. The dial incorporates various symbology ranging from easter to western horoscopes as well as an Incan calendar wheel.


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