Zach Wong

Windsor, VIC, Australia

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Part of a series of paintings which depicts different doors and different openings. Personally‚ I find doors fascinating‚ as the face of a home or a place. They appear to say one thing about the place‚ but can present another upon entry.

This door is the first in a series of small squared canvases depicting red themed doors. Based on a door I saw in an side lane way in Richmond. Richmond is an inner suburb in Melbourne which has a lot of more established terraced buildings leading back to the eighteen hundreds when the city was first established.

Some side entrances are more curious than front ones. What fascinated me was how the door seemed to be a sliver between to blank brick worked walls. An obvious service entrance‚ but what sparked my curiosity was how ornate the door was for such a function.


#red, #door, #brick, #ornate, #richmond

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