Zach Wong

Windsor, VIC, Australia

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Part of a series of paintings which depicts different doors and different openings. Personally‚ I find doors fascinating‚ as the face of a home or a place. They appear to say one thing about the place‚ but can present another upon entry.

This door is the third in a series of small squared canvases depicting red themed doors. The concept behind this is about carving and opening out of a wall of sandstone or in this case‚ a rich red sedimentary wall. The image was built up with layers of intersecting lines of paint to give it the richness before carving the door out of the shadow.

The door itself is a balance of heavy weathered wood and aged wrought metal work‚ giving it a sense of the old world.


#red, #door, #wood grain, #Medieval, #metal lace

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