“We are two people working as one, with a single vision, something no one else is doing in art.”

Gillie and Marc are Australian contemporary artists, and husband and wife, who collaborate to create art as one. Together, they have applied the imagery of their dog/human hybrid to celebrate the powerful spiritual relationship that exists between man and animal. Their hybrid allows them to explore unconditional love, loyalty, affection and joy through by asking us to consider whether a human might benefit from some of the qualities of the dog.

Their art explores relationships and love, and finds inspiration in their travels around the world and adventures they have had, or hope to have, together. They hope that their animal/human hybrids makes people think by challenging conventions, expectations and societal norms.

As artists who pride themselves on embracing challenges, Gillie and Marc have no plans to stop going on adventures with their art. They continue to create new sculptures from bronze, poly-resin and fibreglass and paintings on canvas, board and card from their studio in Sydney. Gillie and Marc have a vision of a world without strangers, where their art inspires moments of happiness and togetherness.