The Archibald Prize has a rich history as one of Australia's most prominent and coveted art prizes.

Awarded annually since 1921, the Archibald Prize celebrates portraiture through the artistic flair of its entrants and their subject matter, most often distinguished Australians from the fields of arts, letters, science or politics.

Finalists are exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW, home also to the prestigious Sulman Prize, Wynne Prize and the Dobell Drawing Prize.


Loribelle Spirovski

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2017 / 2018 / 2019

Born in 1990 to a Filipino mother and Yugoslav father, artistic creation has always been my escape and fortitude against the personal challenges I experienced as a migrant, adapting to life in Australia – a vast land drenched in colour, and the murmurings of something primordial.

Kim Leutwyler

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2015 / 2017 / 2019

Born in America, Sydney-based Kim Leutwyler migrated to Australia in 2012. She works in a variety of media including painting, installation, ceramics, printmedia and drawing. Leutwyler holds concurrent bachelor degrees in Studio and Art History from Arizona State University, and additionally graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Painting and Drawing degree.

Bridgette McNab

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2014 / 2019

Bridgette McNab is a graphic still life and portrait painter, employing a mise-en-scene approach to painting. McNab’s work unpacks the enduring dialogue between painting and cinema that resounds with the language of illusion. Created using a lexicon of appropriationist techniques, McNab forges fictional realities that combine art historical tradition with contemporary popular culture.

Kate Gradwell

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2019

UK born with a PhD in Chemistry, art is a second career for Kate Gradewell after working at the CSIRO. Painting across a range of styles and media, her work encompasses landscape, portraiture and figurative work, and is held in private collections around the world.

Kendal Gear

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2019

Kendal Gear paints from her studio in the Perth hills. Her work explores themes of identity and state of mind, often through portraiture, interiors and other everyday subject matter based around the home. She is drawn to motifs with an obstructed or uncertain point of view, such as reflections, views through passages, and low-light scenes.

Amani Haydar

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2018

Amani Haydar is an artist, lawyer, mum and advocate who uses painting and mixed media. Her self-portrait, 'Insert Headline Here' was a finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize, and her writing and illustrations have been featured on SBS Life and ABC News Online.

Julius Killerby

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2017

Julius Killerby is a Melbourne based artist, working predominantly with photography and paint. He generally depicts figures on deserted islands, juxtaposing photography and paint to convey a psychological intensity in his subjects, prompted by their isolation.

Nicolee Payne

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2014

Nicolee Payne began her career drawing licenced characters for a leading toy manufacturer, and designing style guides for the ABC Children's Television Department. Her passion lies with animal portraits, though her work took a new direction in 2014 when she was selected as a 2014 Archibald finalist with her portrait of Rugby League legend Fui Fui Moi Moi.

Mertim Gokalp

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Archibald Prize Finalist 2013

Mertim Gokalp came to Australia in 2009. Within a few year after his migration, he has been selected as a finalist in all the top portrait exhibitions here: the Archibald Prize; the Doug Moran Portrait Prize; and the Black Swan Art Prize. These accomplishments in short time allowed him to receive a distinguished talent visa by the Australian Government for him to live and work in Australia. He recently became an Australian citizen.

List of Archibald Prize Winners

1921W B McInnes
1922W B McInnes
1923W B McInnes
1924W B McInnes
1925John Longstaff
1926W B McInnes
1927George W. Lambert
1928John Longstaff
1929John Longstaff
1930W B McInnes
1931John Longstaff
1932Ernest Buckmaster
1933Charles Wheeler
1934Henry Hanke
1935John Longstaff
1936W B McInnes
1937Normand Baker
1938Nora Heysen
1939Max Meldrum
1940Max Meldrum
1941William Dargie
1942William Dargie
1943William Dobell
1944Joshua Smith
1945William Dargie
1946William Dargie
1947William Dargie
1948William Dobell
1949Arthur Murch
1950William Dargie
1951Ivor Hele
1952William Dargie
1953Ivor Hele
1954Ivor Hele
1955Ivor Hele
1956William Dargie
1957Ivor Hele
1958William Pidgeon
1959William Dobell
1960Judy Cassab
1961William Pidgeon
1962Louis Kahan
1963Jack Carington Smith
1964No Award
1965Clifton Pugh
1966Jon Molvig
1967Judy Cassab
1968William Pidgeon
1969Ray Crooke
1970Eric Smith
1971Clifton Pugh
1972Clifton Pugh
1973Janet Dawson
1974Sam Fullbrook
1975Kevin Connor
1976Brett Whiteley
1977Kevin Connor
1978Brett Whiteley
1979Wes Walters
1980No Award
1981Eric Smith
1982Eric Smith
1983Nigel Thomson
1984Keith Looby
1985Guy Warren
1986Davida Allen
1987William Robinson
1988Fred Cress
1989Bryan Westwood
1990Geoffrey Proud
1991Bryan Westwood
1992Bryan Westwood
1993Garry Shead
1994Francis Giacco
1995William Robinson
1996Wendy Sharpe
1997Nigel Thomson
1998Lewis Miller
1999Euan Macleod
2000Adam Cullen
2001Nicholas Harding
2002Cherry Hood
2003Geoffrey Dyer
2004Craig Ruddy
2005John Olsen
2006Marcus Wills
2007John Beard
2008Del Kathryn Barton
2009Guy Maestri
2010Sam Leach
2011Ben Quilty
2012Tim Storrier
2013Del Kathryn Barton
2014Fiona Lowry
2015Nigel Milsom
2016Louise Hearman
2017Mitch Cairns
2018Yvette Coppersmith
2019Tony Costa


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