My style has evolved over a long period of time out of a long journey of discovery. For my art to be of value, it has to reflect both the world I’m living in and my own self. A seminal moment of when my style began occurred while I was at art school. Our painting teacher told us we had to ‘choose’ in which to paint in. Upon being set this assignment I decided I wasn’t going to be restricted to just one style. Why should I? Picasso never had just one style and it seemed to work for him just fine. I set about completing this project in a multitude of styles. I thought my idea was brilliant but my art teacher hated. “One style I said” he yelled “You can only have one style” he blasted. He made it very clear that my idea of upping the ante was not his cup of tea! My art reached a peak in my painting where I employ both a number of styles as well as techniques. I combine 3D realism with painterly abstract brushwork, sharp linear geometrics, perspective, naïve, spiritual as well as anything else that took my fancy. Even within the abstract elements I combined as many techniques that I could imagine. This ranges from hurried dry brushstrokes to luxuriant wet into wet techniques to Pollock like drips and splatters, even brash throwing of paint. I began to revel in this variety of techniques and was using a variety of tools to both apply and take off paint. This comprised of (but not limited to) using sponges, cloth, palette knives, the end of brushes and sticks, fingers and other body parts. There was no technique or application which I ruled out.My sources of inspiration are also wide and varied. I’ve always had a natural attraction to both patterns in nature like chemical compositions and mathematical like patterns as well as man-made and computer generated patterns like you might find in artists like Sol Le Wit or Agnes Martin. I also love the kitsch and pop generated art like Warhol, Rauschenberg, Howard Arkley and especially Basquiat.My art reached an exciting phase when I discovered collage. Not only could I apply any technique, style or image, but I could also put on physical materials and images. I started conservatively with maps, cardboard, silver foil, and matchsticks, and then moved on to, well just about anything. I utilise toys, pegs, mirrors, forks, money, coral, even a few contraband or just plain naughty objects or materials.

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USQ Masters in Education 2007
QLD 4350

Aveta Business Institute Black Belt - Lean Six Sigma 2010
Cleveland, Ohio

Melbourne University Graduate Diploma of Education 1997
Auburn Road, in Adult & TAFE Education
VIC 3124

RMIT University B.A. in Fine Arts 1993
Swanston Street
VIC 3005


October 2015 Albert Park College Group Show
82 Danks Street Albert Park

September 2015 ACMD Art Show Group Show
St Vincents Hospital, Victoria Pde

February 2006 Theatreworks Solo
14 Acland Street St. Kilda

February 2004 Theatreworks Solo
14 Acland Street St. Kilda

March 2002 Gamma Space Solo
141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

March 2001 Gamma Space Solo
141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

February 1999 Motoyama Gallery Solo
Motoyama, Japan

June 1998 Nagoya City Art Museum Group
Nagoya, Japan

January 1997 The Colonial Hotel Solo
Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

February 1996 Fitzroy Street Gallery, Brunswick Solo
91 Fitzroy Street Brunswick

January 1994 West Gippsland Arts Centre Solo
Albert Street, Warragul

June 1993 RMIT Gallery Solo
Swanston Street Gallery
July 1990 Grey Space Group
121 Stud Road, Dandenong


Basquiat, Picasso, Klee, Warhol, Raushenberg

60cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Mixed Media
60.5cm (W) x 75.5cm (H)
Mixed Media
85.5cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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