Hi everyone,
I am a self taught artist who is into sciences academically. I am a pharmacist and I love to paint. Painting for me is my escape from the world of reality, it is how I channel my emotions and how I cope up with pain. It is my definition of the world. I started painting at a very young age but started taking it seriously since 5 years after I had no way to cope up with an huge loss. My paintings are mostly oil on canvas with the use of knife in between and pencil sketches. I sketch potraits and paint emotions, mostly pertaining to a lady.
I wish you see what I try to depict in my paintings and I hope you co relate with them. My paintings are for people who are in pain but cant express it or for people who are bad with emotinal expressions and also for everyone who wants positivity and joy in their life.
Hope they add joy into your life just as they do to mine.
Lots of love and positivity <3

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    Bachelor of Pharmacy

    42cm (W) x 59.4cm (H)
    Oil Paint
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