I am inspired by all things sultry‚ delicious‚ decadent and loving.
Leisurely dancing to the slow delta blues in my lounge room or live at the local pub.
Falling in love when it’s not good for me and falling in love when it is perfect for me.
Delectably ecstatic bliss and emotionally chaotic moods.
Swimming in the ocean under glistening moonlight.
Loving life so deeply that it hurts
The eb and flow of passionate conversations with those people whose friendships last decades.
Reading and listening in detail to the crazy‚ wild‚ deep and heavy tales of messed up zealous lives and experiences.
Broodingly troubled psyches hidden behind charmingly eccentric extroverted personalities.
Fervent lovers that fill my heart with a disobedient burning heat‚ then disappear in the blink of an eye; remaining vividly in my memory as the muse that arouses my obsession to captivate their presence through the medium of painting and dance.
Euphoric trance states that are grounded and connected to the nurturing fruits of the earth mother; right up to receiving the universal love of the celestial father‚ spinning and flowing in blissful grace.
Universal Love.


2003 Certificate IV Liberal Arts VUT & Footscray Community Arts Centre
2007 Bachelor of Arts Monash University ~ Classics‚ Drama‚ Liturature
2009 Contemporary Ink Drawing Intensive with Anna Hoyle
2009 Watercolour Drawing Mentorship with Katarina Backmann
2011 Diploma Visual Arts RMIT ~ Painting‚ Drawing‚ Photography and Sculpture
2011 Mischtechnik Intensive with Kuba Ambrose‚ Ubud Bali
2012 Mischtechnik Intensive with Daniel Mirante
2014 Photographic Screen Printing Intensive with Nathan Gray


2010 Totem Group Exhibition Medium Gallery
222 Victoria Street‚ Brunswick
2011 Sanctuary Festival Exhibition Northcote Uniting Church
251 High Street‚ Northcote
2011 The LAB Mural project RMIT University
23 Cardigan Street‚ Carlton.
2011 QVM Project RMIT University
23 Cardigan Street‚ Carlton
2011 Six Six Nine Four grad show RMIT University
23 Cardigan Street‚ Carlton
2012 Circle Group Exhibition Tiffaney Bishop Collective
1658a Burwood hwy‚ Belgrave‚
2012 MischTechnik Group Exhibition Willow Bar
222 High Street‚ Northcote
2013 Beauty Group Exhibition Tiffaney Bishop Collective
1658a Burwood hwy‚ Belgrave
2013 FORZA CELESTE Solo Exhibition Tiffaney Bishop Collective
1658a Burwood hwy‚ Belgrave


Frida Kahlo
Louise Bourgeois
Del Katherine Barton
Joy Hester
Pablo Picasso
Mirka Mora
Vali Myers
Cameron Gray
Kiki Smith
John William Waterhouse
Fred Appleyard
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
John Everett Millais
Custav Klimt
Alphonse Mucha
Egon Schiele
Roberto Ferri
Berlinde De Bruyckere
Hideaki Kawashima
John Maler Collier
Diane Arbus
Katarina Beckmann
Marisa Matear
Tariro Mavondo
Josephine Baker
Mata Hari
Marion Cotillard
Isadora Duncan
Beat Generation
Vienna Secession

100cm (W) x 79.5cm (H)
Mixed Media
102cm (W) x 91.5cm (H)
Mixed Media
31cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
41cm (W) x 82cm (H)
Mixed Media
80cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Mixed Media
60.5cm (W) x 91.5cm (H)
Oil Paint
21cm (W) x 29.5cm (H)
21cm (W) x 29.5cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
21cm (W) x 29.5cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
21cm (W) x 29.5cm (H)