Video: How to Pack Art

We often receive questions about the best means of packing an artwork, and fair enough too! We want the work to safely reach its new home just as much as our artists, so we’ve created a video to make the process as clear as possible.

Here we have Bluethumb team member Sheeraz expertly packing up Carol Zsolt‘s piece Purple Haze to send off to a collector. As you can see, Sheeraz takes us through the process of bubble wrapping the piece, boxing it up, sealing it with tape and adding the shipping labels. He also adds FRAGILE stickers, but you can write this on in black marker if you don’t have stickers on hand. Unfortunately our branded ‘Bluethumb’ stickers are not yet available, but we hope to change this in the not too distant future!

A quick disclaimer: This video shows how to pack using the ideal materials, and we understand this isn’t always possible. For example, we had a packing box available and it just happened to be the right size for the artwork. We’ve found that using two boxes is a good way to deal with larger artworks (with a little artful cutting and folding), however, if you don’t have any on hand, then some sturdy cardboard will also do the trick. The same case-by-case approach goes for the rest of the process too – the key is protection, rather than perfection!

Thanks to Bluethumb photographer/videographer Megan for her production expertise!

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