Carmel is a self-taught artist hailing from Sydney. Painting with her mood and the seasons, the ocean and nature often flow into her subject matter, finding their way onto the canvas. Wherever she is, she likes to soak in her surroundings, get lost in the process and see where it takes her. Carmel's original artworks are a playful exploration of the world through her eyes and her bold, minimalist style is fast becoming her trademark. Over the last few years she has predominantly been working with Acrylics and Paint Pens, focusing on finer details, letting go, and allowing her ideas come to life on their own. Passionate about creating personal pieces for anyone or any space, Carmel zeroes in on producing bright, unique artworks and murals for the workplace and home. Feel free to drop her a line if you have an idea that you’d like to see brought to life... Immerse yourself in colour and enjoy!

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Resident artist @ Bondi Art Lounge: July 2014-July 2015. Monthly Group Exhibitions.
RAW "Visionary" University of Sydney: 31 January 2015. Group Show
Loco Project Pop-Up Gallery @ Bondi Beach: 14-20th April 2015. Group Show


Published in Art me Gallery's first coffee table book. "Amazing Australian Artists" 2014.


Inspired by Summertime, the Ocean, the innocence & simplicity of Children's Art, Roy Lichtenstein, Joan Miro`, Dr Seuss, Andy Davis, John S Culqui , David Bromley.

40.6cm (W) x 40.6cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
38cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
76cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
51cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
56cm (W) x 71cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
51cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
91.5cm (W) x 46cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
91cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
51cm (W) x 51cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
91.5cm (W) x 30.5cm (H)
Acrylic Paint