Hi my names Erika Fedele and I'm 21 from Adelaide but living in Melbourne. I'm a singer/songwriter and I'm studying a bachelor of Music at Collarts university. At 10 years old my father took me to my first exhibition at the Adelaide art gallery‚ this is where I fell in love with artistic expression‚ I then began art classes and was constantly drawing throughout my teenage years. I create art as a exploration of my sense of self. I get lots of inspiration from literature‚ religion‚ poetry‚ and music which I express emotionally through different mediums. My strongest aspect is drawing using a carved bamboo stick‚ ink and black pen. I'm quite an abstract artist‚ I like to provoke thought and tell a story through my imagery. My style is influences range from Del Kathryn Barton‚ Fiona hall, Gustav Klimt and Reg Mombassa to name a few. My work is special because it's a journey of my life and relationships‚ it lets me visually express who I am and how I'm feeling about the world.

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Completed year 12


2014 semaphore corner store


Del Kathryn Barton‚ Fiona hall‚ Picasso‚ reg mombasso‚ Gustav Klimt.

180cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Mixed Media
180cm (W) x 280cm (H)