Born: 15. 12. 1958 in Bad Voeslau Austria

Vocation: Technical Draughtsman and Technical Product Designer

Guest student of Professor Arik Brauer - Masterclass Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Chronology .... a never destroyed, creative artist soul.

In Kindergarten I spent more time in front of the easel than all the other children.
In primary school I was renowned as having a talent for drawing - but
for me to put pencil to paper it was purely to pass the time of day,
until I was actually aware of my artistic capabilities and so decorated
my bedroom with self made posters.
I had to paint untold amounts of T-shirts with the "Che Guevara" counterfeit for my friends.
At family festivities I was encouraged to bring a portrait of the celebrating individual.

For a long time I painted with acrylics on cardboard, - as for me to paint with
"Oil on Canvas”
was only for the "Artistic elite" and thus was something " s a c r e d ".

The profession as technical draughtsman was only chosen as
“ d r a w i n g " was involved.
My creativity which ran parallel to my career did not suffer.
Whether working as Technical draughtsman, Detail designing Engineer or Signwriter
in my spare free time as a young family man, I still produced paintings which found a place in joint exhibitions with noted artists.

In the mid 80's I received an invitation to go to
" The A c a d e m y of F i n e A r t s " in Vienna

I was 30 years of age when I asked myself the question
" What do you want to do in the future ?”

The International " One man shows " and the attached success gave me the answer.

Many exhibitions have I had
Many paintings have I created ( approx. 600 )
Many wonderful people have I been allowed to meet.
I have wandered through many " h i g h' s & l o w' s "

To savour the moment where another person is so fascinated from my artwork that he wants to call it his own, is my intention.

I live to paint - and paint to survive

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Technical draughtsman, development to technical product designer
Guest student - Masterclass - Professor Arik Brauer (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)



1984 - Participation in group exhibitions

1986 - Founder of the performance “Presentation of Artists”

1987 - Member of the German group “Die Palette”

1988 - Member of Vocation - Association of Fine Arts Austria

1989 - Third prize in the International Exhibition of the Year - Frankfurt /Main

1990 - Founder of the International Artist group “Fulmine”

1993 - Artistic wall mural of the primary school in Hirtenberg Lower Austria

1994 - Initiator of event “four winds tangent to room” Exhibitor in event “All Banana”: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris and Krakow

1995 - Moved to Linz and worked as Signwriter - then opening of own Artist Studio “Guelo”

1996 - Appreciation through the Ministry of Instruction & Art “freelance active fine art painter” Initiator of own performance “Art of Millennium”

1997 - Winner of third prize in the International “Sgrafitti Festival” in Hungary

1998 - Commissioned wall murals in public and private sector

1999 - Illustration for children`s book series “4 Children and one Dog”

2000 - Member of “Upper Austrian Artists Federation”

2001 - Initiator of event “MOTIV ART ION” Linz / International Art Fair “Art Pannonia” Neusiedl /
Post award for the best room installation of the year “Antidecoration” Salzburg

2002 - Art exhibition performance “12” Linz

2003 - Intern. Art-festival at the castle Reichenstein / Gallery “B52” Wels / Gallery “Kass” Innsbuck
2003 - 2004 Vice-president of Upper Austrian Artists Federation

2004 - Gallery “Living Art” Regensburg Germany / “Casineum” Casino Linz / Founder of the Artist group “Art hoch 3”

2005 - Production of the Artist group film “Art hoch 3” / Group exhibition Graz

2006 - 2007 lived and worked in Perth WA / Exhibition Art house “Kidogo” Fremantle

2008 - Redesigning and completion of wall mural Hirtenberg Church hall Lower Austria

2009 - Redesigning of VIP Hall - Soccer Stadium - “Austria Wien” Vienna
Move to Perth WA / Commencement of pictures of the new sensual Series

2010 - Mainly wall murals private sector in Austria

2011 - 2nd Prize - Pleine Air Art Competition - Rockingham / Exhibition - Gallery - Colour Lust Art Space - North Fremantle

2012 - 2nd Prize - En Pleine Air Art Competition - Mandurah
Member of “Artzplace Inc.” - Cockburn, Rockingham Regional Art and Artwell House - Melville
First prize winner of “Spearwood Dalmatinac Award” Cockburn Community and Cultural Council

2013 - Starting of his new “Window-Series” and the “Poster- Series”

2014 - Artistic wall mural of the Rhein-Donau Club, Myaree WA
Member of the first surrealistic Club in WA “Contemporary Australian Surrealists Movement


My surrealistic-symbolic images and paintings feature predominantly the human being but also the interactions between polarities. In my images and themes I move from a surreal existence to dimensions where the creativity’s own dynamics lead to new image and space structures.

I like to produce and create “series” in which the original topic of an idea can be artistically explored in as many ways as possible until the series arrives at a natural end. My fascination of experimenting with various oil techniques motivates me passionately to constantly refine my

101cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
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