My work is an abstract view of an imaginary world — a world informed by the trappings of a closed space. It is a space between walls and frequented by people. What remains inside this space is invisible, but over time, it becomes contaminated by human presence, which fills the room with palpable energies. At first glance, my drawings strike up a graphic immediacy and playfulness, with frequent shifts between chaos and calm. Intrigued by the unknown and the unseen, his subject matter and its meaning is left deliberately elusive and complex behind the abstract forms.

My forms are drawn as a filigree of discordant linear marks, stretching and retracting: a magnificent madness of dancing debris that morph and manoeuvre, captured through an animated stillness. The lines are applied in different widths, lengths, weights and forces, revealing the various depths of the currents integral to the ongoing body of work. In more recent drawings, large scale works possess a greater thrust of movement and power, in contrast to the softer, finer, almost ornamental pencil drawings on paper.

Interspersed with floating ‘reflectors’ that pierce the composition as windows to other worlds, they display a dynamic shift into new territories, which attempts to capture the moment that a thought emerges and then evaporates. They may read as valiant or vile, walking the fine line between two forces set in play that often question one another. I investigate mind-mapping through various media — painting, collage, sound, sculpture — but it is with drawing that Scerri has realised his greatest potential to explore.

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    Diploma of Fine Arts, Perth Technical College, 1987, WA
    Diploma of Graphic Design, Central Metropolitan College of Visual Arts, 1990, WA


    Solo Exhibitions

    Occupancy, 2016, Gallerysmith Project Space
    Occurrent, 2016, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
    Magnetic Rivers, 2015, Rubicon Ari, Melbourne
    Air Looms, 2015, Free Range Gallery, Perth
    New Drawings, 2015, Daphne, Perth
    Recordings in Vinyl, 2003, Mop Projects, Sydney
    00mph, 2000, Room 35/Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
    Knew Works, 1998, TBA Gallery, Sydney
    Lissome Flight, 1997, Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney
    Since realism, 1994, Nevada Studios, Sydney
    Di-verse, 1991 Jerome Gallery, Sydney

    Selected Group Shows

    A History of Arabic Culture, Collab. with Carlos Franklin, 2012, World Arab Institute, Paris, France
    The Language of Humour, 2008, SODA, Bratislava, Slovakia
    Box, 2001, Gallery Wren, Sydney
    Wallzine, 2001, Sydney
    50/50, 1999, Sydney
    Group show, 1999, Tin Sheds, Sydney
    Group show, 1996, Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney,
    Group show, 1996, ARDT Gallery, Sydney
    Peal, Duo show with Anne Maree Roworth, 1996, Firstdraft, Sydney
    And an Image of Myself , 1993, Cyberspace Gallery, Sydney
    Duo show with Eric Lewiston, 1991, Jerome Gallery, Sydney
    Group show, 1989, PICA, Perth


    Life, space, enclosures, drafts, currents, magnetism, oceans, spirits, data, memory.