Korynn Morrison is a Sydney based Artist, living on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.
After completing her Bachelor Of Fine Art at National Art School in 2012, her work remains a constant reminder of art’s connection to the inner self. Morrison's art reflects a pure madness in spirit, allowing each viewer the option to become a part of the final finale. Her clarity in connection with the Australian Landscape enables the voyeur to reconsider moments potentially missed…

“That moment when you drive past the most stunning landscape…The shimmering light across the vast space catches your eye and takes a hold of your entire being, and just before you are able to fully grasp it… It’s gone. The image is left only as a feeling… I know that the light will never shimmer as it did in that moment, but this becomes the chase for me. How can I possibly make you feel as I did in that moment…”


2008 - National Art School, HSC Intensive Studio Practice.
2012 - National Art School, Bachelor Of Fine Art, Photography.


2016 - On The Verge, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW.

2016 - Fair Day Art Show, Red Nectar, Helensburgh, NSW.
2015 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, Now You Se Me Gallery, Big Fat Smile Gallery, Corrimal, NSW.
2015 - Tasty Divine, Skyfire Studio, Leichhardt, NSW.
2012 -  National Art School Graduate Exhibition  National Art School, Sydney.
2012 -  Meanwhile Somewhere,  Library Stairwell Gallery, National Art School, Sydney.


Korynn Morrison, “Starting Point”, Now You See Me Gallery, Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, Everyday artists making magic out of the mundane, Issue #2, 2015, p. 24-25.


Landscape/ Abstract

63cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Limited Edition Print On Fine Art Photo Rag 308 GSM
29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Copic Marker & Indian Ink on 210 GSM Acid Free Paper
29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Copic Marker & Indian Ink on 210 GSM Acid Free Paper
29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Copic Marker & Indian Ink on 210 GSM Acid Free Paper
80cm (W) x 62cm (H)
Original completed using acrylics and aerosol on paper. Limited edition Pigment Print on Fine Art Rag Paper 308 GSM.