I share a common fascination with many people, a deep yearning to find out who we are, who I am. Am I real? Or have I just imagined myself into existence?

Among the many answers to these un-answerable questions, I have learned that consciousness is the key to everything, that ghosts and higher dimensions are connected, that truth might be a holographic reality, and that life is too beautiful and complex to be the product of random chance.

As a multi-disciplinary practitioner, my work sits in the overlap between science and spirituality. The key influences for my work are many, including theoretical physics, sacred geometry, and theories of higher dimensions. Consciousness is a big player in this arena, and as I soon discovered, it is the key that opens many doors and the thing that connects us all.

In my practice, every stage of the creative process is an opportunity to evolve my work, so the outcome is often not by design but by evolution.


In 2013, Mona Choo graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, with an MA in Art & Science. The course was pivotal in helping to expand Choo’s repertoire, and her work draws heavily from the intersection of science and spirituality (not be confused with religion).

In 2009, Choo was awarded the International Print Artist-In-Residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The six-month residency enabled Choo to pursue her interest in the supernatural, consciousness, and the metaphysical through her art practice, and resulted in six workshops conducted at the V&A for the participation of the staff and public.

Commissions include two sculpture installations for AURA restaurant and wine bar located inside the National Gallery of Singapore in 2015, and artwork commissioned by the Financial Times and RBS Coutts for their annual ‘Women In Asia’ Awards in 2010, among others.

Choo’s professional experience includes conducting printmaking workshops at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and for the MA Art & Science course at Central Saint Martins. She has been invited to exhibit, represent and coordinate the Singapore delegates to the inaugural Printmaking Triennial in Macao S.A.R. Her public speaking engagements include the Victoria & Albert Museum; Pop-Up Singapore House in London, part of the London Design Festival; the inaugural postgraduate art and science symposium ‘State of Matter: collisions and connections in Art and Science’ held at Central Saint Martins in 2013; and most recently, at the Art Forum in the University of Tasmania.

Mona Choo has exhibited in the US, including New York, as well as London, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum, the collection of the Printmaking Research Centre of Macao, and private collections including the United Overseas Bank of Singapore, Leo Burnett, and personal collections in the UK, Switzerland, Australia, the US and Asia.

Her more recent exhibition was a solo show in 2016 at The Penny Contemporary in Hobart, Tasmania.

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MA Fine Art (Art & Science), Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design (University of Arts London), UK.


Selected Exhibitions:
2016 Solo exhibition at Penny Contemporary, Hobart, Tasmania.
2016 Permanent installation at AURA Restaurant and SkyLounge, National Gallery of Singapore.
2015 20:20 Print Exchange, UK touring exhibition starting at Neo Gallery, Bolton, UK.
2015 Art Stage Singapore, represented by Art-2 Gallery, Singapore
2015 Art in Motion, Art-2 Gallery, Singapore
2014 Korean International Art Fair, represented by Art-2 Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Pfeffer Fashion Press Day, London, UK
2014 ‘Live in your dreams!’ , The Crypt, St Pancras Church, London, UK
2014 Affordable Art Exhibition, Vibe Gallery, London, UK
2013 ‘Rough Around the Edges’, Hanmi Gallery, London, UK
2013 neo:graudates 2013, Bolton, UK
2013 Art Lacuna Prize, London, UK
2013 FloatArt London, Mayor’s Thames Festival, UK.
2013 ‘Encounters in Art and Science’, The British Library, London, UK
2012/13 The Macau Printmaking Triennial, Macau S.A.R.
2012 ‘Reflections’, The Rotunda at Exchange Square, Hong Kong
2011 The Affordable Art Fair, London, represented by ArtChinese
2011 Bloomsbury Art Fair, London
2010 ‘Collection 2010: D.A.Activist’, Austin Gallery, London, UK
2009 ‘Collection 2010: D.A.Activist’’, Gallery de Vie, Hong Kong, titled ‘Collection 2010: D.A.Activist’
2009 ‘Kaleidescope’ , The Rotunda at Exchange Square, Hong Kong
2009 ARTSingapore 2009, represented by Art-2 Gallery, Singapore
2009 Cork Street Open, The Gallery at Cork Street, London, UK
2009 The Chelsea Art Fair, London, UK.
2009 Agora Gallery, New York, group show.
2008 ARTSingapore 2008, represented by Art-2 Gallery, Singapore
2008 Clara M Eagle Galery, Kentucky, USA, group show.
2008 Viridian Artists Gallery, New York, an International Juried Art Competition winner
2008 Hun Gallery, New York, an International Juried Art Competition winner


- Shortlisted for the Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture 2018
- The British Library (2013) : http://www.bl.uk/press-releases/2013/february/experiment-with-ideas-the-british-library-kicks-off-its-debut-science-season-with-a-collection-of-po
- London City Nights (2014) : http://monachoo.com/LCN.html
- New Scientiest, Culture Lab (2013) : http://monachoo.com/NewScienctist.html
- Creative Boom (2013): http://monachoo.com/Creative_Boom.html


Selected influences:
- 'The Fourth Dimension: Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Mathematics' by Rudolf Steiner
- 'The Divine Matrix' by Gregg Braden
- Damien Ortega, artist
- Antoni Tapies, artist
- Naum Gabo, sculptor
- James Turrell, artist
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama
- Nassim Haramein, physicist
- theories of quantum physics

40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
25cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
25cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
29.5cm (W) x 40cm (H)
29.5cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Mixed Media
23cm (W) x 23cm (H)
25cm (W) x 25cm (H)
22cm (W) x 22cm (H)
22cm (W) x 22cm (H)
40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Mixed Media
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