A lover of colour you would say! I grew up in the bush, being surrounded by "real things" like wildlife, 100 year old buildings and kelpies that smiled at me most mornings when I woke throughout the years as I grew to be the woman I am today.

I taught myself how to draw in this style soon after leaving high school, I loved "squiggling" and especially the relaxed feeling it gave me after each piece was done.

Donating to various fundraisers has been something I have enjoyed, regardless of what I had been working on....it was the fun of it, the surprise of "the giving" and I never get tired of that!

From greeting cards to wall hangings to bedspreads to cushion covers to calendars to curtains and more recently, shoes, I have enjoyed my journey from original to print and back again, all in the pursuit of trying something different! Having recently become a mum for the first time, it will surely take my designs off into a more colourful direction (if this is possible!) and hopefully he will share my love in what it is to give back to the communities in which we live. I don't have a website, I work mostly through word of month, but I love wearing my shoes, as do those who have bought them from me. I hope you will share this journey with me!

Estimated time to complete a painting on request:
(.5m x 1m) 2 months
(1m x 1m) 3 months
(1m x 2m) 6 months

I have paintings available for sale if you wish to see those, they range in size from .5m high to 3m long. Themes are rain forest, ocean, flora and fauna and location based.

5 days for one pair if shoes are bought by me.

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