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digital photograph printed on 300 gsm archival paper


As a child, my siblings and I were frequently taken on weekend outings in the family car, the object of which was not the journey but the destination. Fixed in my mind long after most of the actual outings themselves have been lost in the archives of memory are the long return journeys on those occasions when it was my turn to sit by the window.

Usually we returned from these trips as darkness was falling, and as I stared out the window of the car into the landscape and the streets beyond I was transported into a mysterious realm that was neither where we had been nor where we were going.

Watching from the cosy displacement of the back seat, mesmerised by the landscape sliding by, and halfway towards sleep, I remember wanting the journey to continue on forever into the enveloping night and to remain in this semi-delirious dreamlike state as the world outside slid by in a kind of otherworldly vision to which I now, momentarily, held the key.


moody, landscape, dreamlike, road trip