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limited edition digital photograph printed on archival paper 300 gsm


Unlike the act of drawing on paper where you can see your line describing the subject as you go, the camera leaves no visible trace in the air as it records the trail of the light (in this case the bare bulb of a lamp) as I trace figures in the air with my camera during a long exposure– the drawing only visible as a dance my hand makes as it moves the camera, driven by memory and instinct – the freedom and abstraction of the line a direct response to the blind nature of the work and the necessity to put it down quickly.

After long hours drawing into the night I found that my body became an extension of the camera, and the drawings a dance my own body was making as I felt my way towards the figure in the dark.

To my mind these images, while technically photographs, are true drawings, the only difference being that my ink was the light of a lamp and my pen was the camera – a digital drawing with all the freedom and difficulty that any drawing poses, with the added pressure of time, and the bonus of the particular and wonderful qualities that the photographic medium can give.

These photographs are strictly limited to an edition of 35 copies and are printed archivally on 300gsm cotton rag (matte). There is a generous paper border.

* Due to the location of the artist shipping times cannot be guaranteed to be within 7 days.


nude, drawing, sepia, line drawing, night drawing, life drawing