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About Bianca Hoffrichter

I approach my role as an artist as that of a story-teller and inquisitor; I aim to draw viewers into alternate worlds that exist parallel to our own realities, but ones that often challenge our preconceived notions of life or experience. Recently I have been exploring the impacts of using Infrared techniques to craft transcendent, dreamy and surreal images. The ‘ephemeral’ and fleeting moments, which are seemingly captured through photography, is another interesting duality in my work, and has manifested in experimental processes with the destabilisation of images. I am influenced by many things, ranging from religion, the digital realm, cultural diversity, history, science and the natural world.As both a painter and photographer, my influences stem from well traveled cultural experiences and teachings. There is a strong connection with Eastern traditional practices in my work, which sets it aside from the predominant Westernised Contemporary art scene. I am currently completing an extended residency on traditional Muong tribal land in Vietnam. Each work is hand crafted with time and care. I hope you enjoy the works, and may they bring a little soul from this beautiful world into your home.

*I have both paintings and photographs on the Bluethumb site

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2015 - 2018 University of South Australia, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography)

2018 Royal Melbourne Instistue of Technology, Vietnam, semester studying digital computer and fashion design.


2018 September Rethink, Vietnamese Women's Museum, Hanoi, VN

2018 August In Her Ruthless Red Romance, Waikerie Gallery, Adelaide, AUS

2017 May Momentary Visions, Liverpool St Gallery, Adelaide, AUS

2017 January Naturally, Mockingbird Lounge, Adelaide, AUS

2016 November Botanica, Printmaking Exhibition, Adelaide, AUS

2016 July Bianca Hoff and Amelia Fox, Mockingbird Lounge, Adelaide, AUS

2015 November Emergence, Mockingbird Lounge, Adelaide, AUS


2018 June - October Muong Studio, Hoa Binh, Vietnam

2017 November Artist home stay, Oiso, Japan



2018 New Columbo Plan Scholarship Recipient, 9 months study abroad, Vietnam

2017 Canon Live photo awards, Honourable Mention, Ryan Schembri


2018 Elle Magazine Selected works from the Rethink series

2018 Verse Magazine Selected works from the Degrees of Probability Series

2017 Exposure Photo Selected works from the Infra and Amaranthine Series

2016 Verse Magazine Selected works from the Kalosia Series


I am influenced by a deep respect and connection with Eastern art materials and practices. My practice delves into teachings from around the world, such as watercolour and ink from Japan. I also have a very clean aesthetic which derives from these traditional works, but seek to create from my own personal story. I have been taught traditional film photography processes by South Australian photographer Mark Kimber, and digital photography by the acclaimed Gee Greenslade.