About Rob Smith

Let me see...what would I like you to know about me and my artistic practice? I'll cut to the chase....⦁ When I was in primary school, my teacher, Mrs Hayden, encouraged my parents to enrol me in a correspondence art course conducted by Famous Artists School, Westport Connecticut USA. I completed it over three years. That is the extent of my formal art training, thanks to Mrs Hayden.⦁ I was born a nature-loving country boy and completed an honours degree in zoology at the University of New England in 1979. It turned out to be an indulgence—I have never done a day's work as a zoologist.⦁ I worked for 35 years for an energy utility: 25 years in IT; 6 years as a corporate photographer and writer; 4 years as a corporate videographer.⦁ When my father died, I was 17 and inherited his camera. I have been photographing ever since, moonlighting as a freelance writer/photographer while my day job supported my family.⦁ My photographic achievements include: publication in numerous magazines and newspapers, commissions to create art for commercial and residential buildings; exhibiting and selling works through art galleries; private sales; many presentations on photography at conventions and conferences; judging photography at national and international levels; awards (incl. ANZANG nature competition); honours from Australian Photographic Society..OK, the above covers the background. The following stuff is the meat in my artistic sandwich.⦁ I call a spade a spade. I sell fine art, personally printed and signed, archival inkjet prints on fine papers. I don't call them giclées.⦁ Over many years I have studied the science, craft, and art of photography. In my mature years, I am focused on the latter.⦁ I am not famous, but I am a passionate, creative and expressive photographer with personal style and vision. My credo is, "If it moves you, shoot it!" ⦁ Now as a retiree, I am liberated to indulge my passion with my own agenda. I create art because it fulfils and sustains me. If people like it enough to acquire it, that's a bonus, and I feel honoured.⦁ My work covers a number of genres, although I am concentrating on presenting my nature and landscape art on BlueThumb.⦁ My family and close friends describe me as a perfectionist. That's not all it's cracked up to be—it consumes lumps of time. Nevertheless, it forces me to be a harsh critic of my own work. That's good—it keeps me honest and grounded. .What will you get if you purchase a piece of my art that I have personally printed, titled, signed and, in most cases, embossed with my falcon logo?⦁ The best work that I am capable of producing with my own resources.⦁ Work that expresses how I experience and interpret a particular subject—whether it be a place or a creature. I seek to go beyond documentation of a subject with appropriate craft..TLDRIf you've read this far, it means that my biography doesn't suffer from TLDR Syndrome (Too Long Didn't Read). So, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy my art.


B. Sc (Hons) — Zoology


The Glasshouse, Port Macquarie 'Port Now' exhibition 2010
The Glasshouse, Port Macquarie 'Norther Exposure' exhibitor 2016
Masterpiece Gallery & Framing, Port Macquarie 2017
Sunset Gallery, Port Macquarie 2018


Prof. Des Crawley (mentor)
Many other photographers whose friendships, works, and writings have informed, enlightened, and enriched my own practice.