About Stephanie Tuckfield

Hi, I’m Steph a landscape photographer hailing from a small town by the name of Merimbula on NSW’s Far South Coast and now residing in Melbourne. My love for the great outdoors has spiked my passion to create stories through photographs. I purchased a DJI Spark drone for a trip to Western Australia in October 2017 which rekindled my love for photography. With a passion for adventure and exploring new and remote places, my work focuses on landscape, nature, travel and aerial photography.I am adaptable to your requests, so if I haven't noted a particular medium that you would like to see my image printed on and hanging in your abode, shout out and I'd be happy to tailor to your request. I look forward to showcasing my work in your home, office or man/lady cave!


Bachelor in Business and Hotel Management


N/A - looking to exhibit in coming months


Mitch Cox, Peter Yan