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Shot on CineStill 800ASA Tungsten-balanced 35mm Film, this image has been professionally scanned from the original 35mm film negative at very high resolution, and printed using an Epson Ultrachrome k3 onto Centurion Photosilk Paper. The black border indicates a full-frame uncropped image.


A beautiful and moody image of a dead tree in Lake Fyans in Western Victoria not far from The Grampians. This film stock is balanced for Tungsten light, and when shot in daylight has a lovely blueish-purplish hue. The presence of grain from the high speed of the film evokes the tactile nature and photo-chemical qualities of analogue film photography, which no digital camera could possibly replicate.

Lake Fyans, Victoria, July 2017

Size quoted is on 16”x20” paper (unframed), which equates to an actual image size of 32cmx47cm.

Other available sizes:
9.5”x12” paper; 17cm x 25cm image size; $360 framed, $175 unframed
12”x16” paper; 25.5cm x 37.5 image size; $465 framed, $215 unframed
16”x20” paper; 32cm x 47cm paper size; $675 framed, $315 unframed
20”x24” paper; 38.5cm x 57cm image size; $845 framed, $425 unframed
24”x30” paper; 51cm x 75cm image size; $1100 framed, $575 unframed
30”x36” paper; 69cm x 102cm image size; $1320 framed, $695 unframed

Plus shipping and insurance.

All images are editioned #/9 per size


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