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Inkjet Print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag photographic paper


Captivity, 2014.

Print is listed as A4 size, but also available in A3 and A2. Contact Bluethumb for pricing in these sizes.

This image was a university assignment aiming to practise the techniques for photographing glass, a tricky subject. As part of the rules of the assignment, no altering has been made to the image after it was captured - this is how it looked straight out of the camera.

I love so many things about this shot - the warm tones, the lighting on the lip of the glass, the fallen leaves of the tree. To me it's about wilting when in captivity. Trapping a soul crushes it. But the meaning of any image is in the eye of the beholder - so please draw your own conclusions.

I will only print this image 3 times in total, across all sizes. This is edition 1 of 3.


tree, black, white, still life, studio, vase, glass, vignette, captivity, trapped, prison, silhouette