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Archival pigment print on photo rag


Water Damaged Selfie won the inaugural M Collection Award in 2014.

In 1966, many significant artefacts and artworks were damaged or destroyed when the Arno River flooded Florence. To salvage the water damaged work, a huge conservation effort was implemented which at its most basic level consisted of washing all the works prior to drying. Ironically in this instance, the cause of the damage is also the medium for its restitution.

Water in this instance is both destroyer and creator, because no matter how sympathetic or precise the intervention of conservation, it invariably creates a new object. So too with photography. Water is an integral part of the photographic process, yet wreaks havoc in its conservation. In this light, the binary of water as destroyer and creator is the genesis of this work.

This artwork is printed on archival rag paper that is 61cm x 89cm (W x H).
This work was created in camera and through the lens.
Edition 3 of 3 (+AP) .


Self Portrait, Abstraction, Water, Gradient, Yellow, Blue, Gold