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Photogravure from Photopolymer plate


Jardin Majorelle 1

Ornamental, edible, medicinal, psychoactive, Cacti are loaded with tradition and symbolism. Since I first discovered these prickly plants in my grandmother’s arid Argentinian garden, I have had a fascination with their ability to endure the harsh climates of deserts, and water poor environments.
During my travels to extreme and dry parts of this earth, I seek out botanic examples that have adapted to intense conditions.
‘Jardin Majorelle’, located in Marrakesh, Morocco was the creation of artist Jacques Majorelle and later restored by Yves St Laurent. The cacti form part of this luxuriant and exotic garden and create a dramatic visual effect when the light dances around the spines and areoles.

The original photos were used to create these richly textured photo etchings.
The Photogravure process brings with it elements that are unique. With texture, raised ink lines, embossing and hand-made papers. These elements contribute to creating an impact that can take the photograph into the realm of a beautiful object itself.


photogravure, nature, abstract, botanical, etching, rag paper, handmade, monochrome, cactus, garden, Morocco, Marakesh