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C-type photographic print on metallic paper (gloss)


Sites of Accumulation #3, 2008

Sites of Accumulation interrogates the perceptual readings within the photographic image. This series is inspired by the hypothesis that the camera and the analogue photographic object may have the potential to extend the capabilities of the human eye in the visualisation of energy. These images exist within the conceptual framework of perception and illusion and examine the issues of truth and representation in the photographic image. Sites of Accumulation was produced on site at Prince Henry Hospital in Little Bay, Sydney, Australia in the months prior to its redevelopment into a contemporary housing estate. The images investigate notions of place, and the accumulation of times, histories, memories and spirit.

The luminescent stream of light in this photograph was created using an experimental analogue in-camera technique.


light, perception, contemporary ruin, shadow, darkness, void, window, ruin