Hey my name is Tyron Lane im a 26 year old Aboriginal artist from Newcastle NSW. I have been painting for nearly 10 years now and there is no better satisfaction to starting with a blank canvas and creating amazing work people get mesmerised by. I live in Newy but all my family are from Karuah witch is about half a hour north. My aboriginal name is Manton and we have a huge family throughout Newy, hunter valley, and port Stephens. Anyway I'm new to this and don't have much for sale but I'll post sum art and would love to get comments on it that be amazing. I have also had the honour To paint alongside the famous Aboriginal artist Tex Skuthorpe and learn from him.Tex Skuthorpe was the NAIDOC national aboriginal artist of the year 1990/91.Tex is an internationally recognized artist and In 1994 Tex presented a piece of work – “Tomodachi” (meaning “Friend”) – to the Emperor of Japan, which is now in his private collection and destined to become part of the National Treasure of Japan. Tex was given the Emperor’s approval to use his private seal in any artwork – an honour previously only given to the most highly acclaimed artists within Japan.As a result of this privilege, Tex was commissioned to paint a series of artworks for an exhibition in Sydney by two Japanese Incubana Masters. These stunning paintings combine traditional stories from Japan and Noonghal country and are painted on Japanese rice paper and mounted on traditional silk scrolls measuring 1 metre x 2.5 metres.Examples of exhibitions & works purchasedNational GalleryAustralian MuseumOld Parliament HouseOpera HouseNew Parliament HouseOffice of Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, CanberraPerspecta 99Japanese Cultural Centre – Incubana ExhibitionConstruction in Process – The Bridge, Melbourne

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