Jaktman Australian Contemporary Art Gallery specialises in high quality ethically sourced Aboriginal art. We represent community-based Australian Aboriginal art centres. We have a strong commitment to promoting and supporting Australia’s Aboriginal art.Our passion is to promote emerging and mid-career Aboriginal artists in Australia and overseas. We hold exhibitions throughout the year in Australia and overseas. Our curated exhibitions represent highly-collectable contemporary Aboriginal art which is value for money.We are members of Australia’s Aboriginal Art Code and a percentage of all sales goes directly to the support of Aboriginal Art Centres and their communities.All paintings comes with the Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist or art centre.Artwork is ready to hang and we are always available to assist with the selection or commission of art work.

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Contemporary Art of Yuendumu
Contemporary Visions of Warlipri Artists - Yuendumu and Lanjamanu
The Land - Ernabella Artists


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