Prior to my arrival in Australia in 1985 I was an Art teacher at both Primary and Secondary levels in the UKMy art practice consequently often references two island cultures and environments, and has provided a rich bank of experience to draw uponDrawing has always been of primary importance hence the mark making and text introduced into much of my mixed media work and painting I currently live and work in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where I continue to develop my work through experimentation in, and exploration of, various forms of 2 and 3 dimensional media including drawing, printing, collage and painting . My process involves contradictions and much alteration ……..working and reworking, peeling back and building up, revealing and concealingIt is not pre-planned and begins with the first mark on canvas or paper or other ground. ……made with ink, or something as simple as a stick or trickle of paint which initiates a process that is often a replaying, or reinvention of a thought Sometimes it is difficult to explain the meaning of a piece as I often don’t understand myself how it has come about . It’s as if the work has caught me off guardMy art constantly challenges me…..the learning is never over. It is a quest that is fulfilling ,occasionally disappointing but neither dull nor routine . It is what motivates my life

Top Categories


A qualified Art Teacher in the UK, I have since enjoyed inspiring and informative workshops with Michael J Taylor, David Fairbairn, Suzanne Archer, Elisabeth Cummings and Jenny Sages


2015 Finalist International ‘All Women’ Competition,
Light, Space and Time ‘Special Merit Category’
also ‘Special Recognition Category’
Finalist Lethbridge 10,000
Runner up ‘Altitude Art Award’ (Highly Commended)

Exhibitions Invited to exhibit at McGregor Lions Art Extravaganza
‘Hinterland Alive’
Somerset Art Awards( First and Second in Contemporary)
Kenilworth Celebrates
‘Fine Art, Jazz and Shiraz’ Bloomhill Cancer Fundraiser
Gold Rush Art Competition(Highly Commended in Miniatures)
Queensland Flying Arts online’ Cream of the Crop’

2014 Finalist Moreton Bay Region 3D Art Awards
Finalist Lethbridge 10,000 Gallery
Finalist Noosa Art Award ( Highly Commended)
Finalist Kenilworth Art Prize
Finalist Rio Tinto Alcan Awards

Exhibitions Invited to participate in “Flights of Fancy” at Pine Rivers

Selected to participate in the Florence Biennale

Noosa Regional Gallery ’Taste of Art’

2013 Finalist Lethbridge 10,000

Invited to exhibit at Agora Gallery, New York

Exhibitions Sheffield International Artists Book Prize , UK
Tweed River Regional Gallery ‘CPM National Print Awards’
Noosa Regional Gallery ‘Taste of Art’

2012 Finalist ‘Stanthorpe Art Prize’ (2 works)
Finalist ‘Moreton Bay Region Art Awards’
Finalist ‘Kenilworth Art Prize’

2011 Finalist ‘Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

Awarded a Sunshine Coast Council & Arts Queensland RADF
Career Development Grant to study with Northern River artist
Michael J.Taylor

Exhibitions Open Studios 2011-Working Artist at Booroobin Studio

'Maryborough Art Festival' ( Highly Commended)
Gympie ‘Gold Rush Art Competition’

2010 Finalist ‘Moreton Bay Region Art Awards’
Finalist ‘RASGO Open National Art Awards’ (Commended)

Open Studios 2012-Artist in Residence at Maleny Arts

2009 Finalist ‘Moreton Bay Region Art Awards’
Finalist ‘Warwick Art Prize’ (2 works)
Finalist ‘Kenilworth Art Prize’ (Mayors Prize)

Exhibitions ‘Immanuel Lutheran Art Awards’
‘Maleny Art Awards’
Zonta ‘Women in Art’
“Yes Minister” Gallery 419 RQAS
‘Kenilworth Celebrates’
Gympie ‘Gold Rush Art Competition’

2008 Finalist ‘Stanthorpe Art Prize’
Finalist ‘Warwick Art Prize’ (2 works)
COMA….artwork reproduced as a Maleny postcard
First in Abstract‘ Murgon Rotary Art Show’


Additional Information can be found on my website and facebook pages


Memories and imagination , drawings from life , quotes from wordsmiths-----
Whatever the source, my work is a response to the moment, a need to describe and the subsequent result is simply the ‘hard copy”

900cm (W) x 900cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Mixed Media