Unique Art created by me that is divinely inspired and expressed in somewhat of an abstract presentation.Having created art since a child sketching and painting in oil and acrylic it was not until I completed Fine Arts Certificate 3 & 4 that I truly discovered the joy of Printmaking, particularly Lino Cut.I found it to be a very relaxing almost a meditative process where I could tune out the worries of the world and use as a tool to express myself.I covered a range of subject matter, that being my life experiences with abuse and depression and anxiety disorders, things I did to assist in bringing back balance and wholeness, my local area and it's historical landmarks, animals, my spiritual side and pieces just for fun.Many souls seem to resonate with my images and find them very interesting, so I started my Facebook Artist page to share my works with people all over the globe.Which has led me to Etsy and Bluethumb where I am reaching out even further with the option of purchasing a private copy.All my works I feel are divinely guided by the angels and the combined human consciousness and are made with Love and Pure Intent.

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30cm (W) x 30cm (H)