Ada was born at the Papunya Hospital. Her mother, Entalura Nangala, from whom Ada learnt to paint , is a recognised artist who painted for Warumpi Arts, as did Ada. Entalura Nangala is the wife of Don Tjungerrai who was a renowned artist. She is also the custodian of a number of women’s Dreaming stories, making her a respected elder in the community. Ada is no longer married and has three children who are living and working in Darwin and Brisbane. As a young woman, Ada worked at the Papunya Preschool as a teacher’s aid. Ada's Dreaming relates to the Yalka or Bush Onion, while her mother's Dreaming is the Honey Ant Ancetors from Ilpili, west of Papunya. Her father's Dreaming associated with the Liru or Snake Ancestors.

30cm (W) x 71cm (H)
Acrylic on canvas.