I love to paint and have done since I was a little girl. Drawing around the table was the norm in our busy London household. Growing up we went to countless exhibitions and art was part of our lives. I tried to study art at school, college and at evening classes but I always felt stifled and uncomfortable. Art lessons left me feeling the same way. Then I discovered intuitive art through online study. Suddenly I had permission to make a mess and to create what I wanted to create! I could have fun playing and splashing around with paint and just enjoy the process.

My inspiration is nature. Living in the gorgeous Brisbane Bayside I find constant delight in the changing colours of the sea and skies, in flowers, trees and butterflies. Children's art and that of other artists also inspires me.

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Certificate III Drawing, TAFE


Petite Pieces - Aspire Gallery
Rotary Art Spectacular
Locale - Wynnum Community Centre


Art nouveau
The Impressionists
Gustav Klimt

76cm (W) x 56cm (H)
Mixed Media
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