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Acrylic Paint on canvas, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

'Hung' by Alice Mayqueen

Alice Mayqueen’s latest large-scale masterpiece could quite possibly be one of the most controversial in her collection. The multi-textured stroke of genius spectacles a man’s lower half in a rather fitting, seemingly innocent pair of ripped jeans...or does it? Behind the deceptive façade of stainless modesty, the handsome man in greyscale is, in truth, a modern day sex-symbol among the Mayqueen following and has, ever since completion, been the subject of debate and conversation for many. But what is it exactly that draws so many individuals to discuss the painting? Let’s delve a little deeper into the fascinating taboo topic that is the artwork’s phallus by Mayqueen.

The controversial subject matter of Mayqueen’s latest painting is placed among a sea of pages from Anne of Green Gables and Peter Pan, chosen specifically by the talented young prodigy to portray an element of innocence, childhood playfulness and fantasy. It is symbolic of a transition between the pure minded school girl to the lustful tabletop seductress, the inner awakening of feelings unknown from a heart free of desire.

The obvious and obscenely recognizable representation of manhood, the bulge, is the true culprit of the outstanding commotion surrounding Alice’s latest piece. It is a glorious and magnificent depiction of good old fashion masculinity, something today’s world could use a lot more of. The kind of James Dean-esque magnetism and machismo that is so hard to come by nowadays. It is a celebration of gender and sexuality, defining the basic mechanics of human drive and attraction. However, the clear protrusion of a certain part of the male anatomy leads one to think of what may have caused it’s (supposedly) impromptu enlargement. An attractive young woman? or a saucy elder gentleman perhaps? One may suppose whatever they wish, and that is one of the welcome uncertainties that make this acrylic artistry an excellent conversation piece.

Lastly it’s discourse of power is one of the most prominent in the entire work. The masculinity of the man in the middle is associated with the authoritative and influential properties of manhood. Nevertheless, there is a greater power behind a man’s sexual drive. The raw and savage impulses invested in the man by sheer instinct since the beginning of time. The painting begs the question, who is his mind captured by? What powerful seductress has this man twirled around her pinky like a tress of hair?

That is all up to the observer.

In conclusion, Alice Mayqueen’s latest masterpiece showcases the primitive sexual drive of the true man and is an ode to sexuality and secret desires. It features sincere innocence through the textured pages of classic childhood novels and the lustful urges and painful yearnings of depraved men scattered throughout the four corners of the globe. It is a memorable and artistically exciting creation that will surely contribute to the wealth and fame of its creator, Alice Mayqueen.

-Garth Lebowski


Acrylic mixed with paint thickener to create bold texture

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Alice Mayqueen

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