My name is Alla. I am originally from Russia(Ukraine) The art was my passion from my childhood. I finished art college in Russia in 1988, worked 2 years as artist. I am educated as interior designer also.
Self-taught artist. I always been quite creative person, but for a long time was sure that cannot paint. However, the love to a visual art turned that belief into discovering me as an artist. The art journey begun with watercolors and drawing, and eventually, led to acrylics, oils and oil pastel painting. But as soon as I got into this, I realized that become professional artist is my dream. So now I'm trying to improve my artistic skills to make better artworks and to express everything I want to.
I draw my inspiration from the Renaissance artists. So my work will look good in classic Art Nouveau interiors, classical English interiors, Empire style, art deco, French Provence, as well as in modern interiors, they will give a bright accent and add comfort and style of your home.
I believe that Art is the reflection of God's creation and it taught me to see the beauty everywhere. Unique shapes, colors, compositions of the nature are the endless source of inspiration.Often, while admiring amazing landscapes of various places, I would say nothing, but "How Great Thou Art!" and this phrase is the exact expression for common title of my works, which are kind of "pay off" for the talent He gave me.

I also think, that artist is like a scientist - he/she always experimenting and trying to come up with exclusive results.

I'm mostly working with oils and acrylics. Also I like to use drawing and pastels. In addition I am fascinated by space and like to use its charming beauty too.

I'm currently based in Australia (from 2014).

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art college, member of Adelaide Art society 2015-2016, Port Adelaide Art society (2015-1016)


Port Adelaide Art gallery 2015

40cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Oil Paint
19cm (W) x 23cm (H)
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