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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame

Despite the fact that the image is a ‘still life’, I love that it vibrates with incredible energy. “Perfect Score” epitomizes what has come to be called ‘andorealism’ . Which I guess is really about my love of relating to every detail in such a way that you are drawn into the moment that I captured on canvas. And like most of my paintings, there is a story behind that moment:
Several years ago, my partner and I were in New York to exhibit at the International Artexpo. After the show we were checking out New York wine shops and happened to go into the Dean & DeLuca that used to be beside Morrell Wineshop at Rockefeller Plaza. On the reading rack was a March issue of Wine Spectator which we picked up to enjoy while we avoided the wet, cold snowy day (extra cold since I’m Australian!!)
As we read about the three wines that had received the Perfect Scores from Wine Spectator, an idea began to form. I had already been painting wine, and was inspired by the article.
After more discussion and some further inspiration, from the odd glass of wine of course, a painting began to emerge.
From palate to palette you might say.
I am not afraid to challenge myself and tried to capture every reflection, distortion and every refraction of light! The magazine is actually reflected four times! Plus all the elements of the painting are captured in a reflection on the curve of the glass... that means I had to paint the distorted image upside down and backward!! Sometimes it felt that that small section took longer than the entire painting!!
And of course I couldn’t stop there could I? I had to have it on wood so that I could capture the grain, again, not only in the main painting but at weird angles in the reflections. I rested the decanter topper on the magazine so that it magnified and distorted the type below... Oh, and did you notice that there is a glass out of the picture that is casting a shadow?
I truly did challenge myself but in the end, I am so very proud of the final piece.
What has developed from that cold day in New York and that old March issue of Wine Spectator is a vibrant moment in time recording a tribute to a banner year that may not come again in our lifetime!
Limited Editions were printed with the permission and cooperation of Wine Spectator, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Latour and Château Leoville Las Cases.

This original painting measures 160 x 120 cm with a 40mm edge with the frame it is 188 x 148 x 6 cm.







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Acrylic on canvas and ready to hang

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

It comes with an external frame.

Framed dimensions - 188.0(W) x 148.0(H).

Artwork dimensions - 160.0(W) x 120.0(H).

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