Andrew James Pearson is a contemporary artist, based in Australia. Andrew's work includes image making, music, writing, short films and new media.Andrew has worked consistently, producing a significant body of visual art ranging from luxurious moody floral images to landscapes, still life, abstracted cityscapes, post pop portraits and deconstructions of contemporary culture.Andrew's work has been acquired by collectors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and The United States.Andrew continues to employ traditional as well as innovative new techniques and digital media, to produce work originating from percipient observation and purposive subversion of traditional narratives, making the familiar intriguing and ethereal.Andrew recently completed a new media based visual art exhibition incorporating augmented reality and conductive code (Crystal Grid). Works in progress include ''Superlunary Room #1'' (Soundtrack and minimalist visual projections creating an other-worldly space for public installation) as well as research and scripting for a film exploring complex narratives surrounding violence and antidotes to violence.

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1986 - BAFA Fine Art. South Australian School of Art

1992 - Directing for Film. Australian Film‚ Television and Radio School.


Up and coming events.

CRYSTAL GRID BY ANDREW PEARSON. Selected works. Fad Gallery. Corrs Lane. Melbourne.

Recent activity

2017 - Crystal Grid. Foyer Gallery. Gasworks Arts Park.
2016 - 'Peace Process'. Selected works for extended exhibition . Angela Robards-Bird Gallery. Gasworks Arts Park.
2015 - Guest judge. Port Lincoln Art Prize. Regional South Australian art prize.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 - 'Peace Process'. Major solo exhibition. Midsumma at Gasworks Arts Park. January 2016 - until 14th of February.

2014 - Hogan Gallery (by generous invitation) 310 Smith St, Collingwood.

2014 - Post-Pop Retrospective. Foyer Gallery. Gasworks Arts Park. Albert Park.

2014 - Dream Gardens - Fad Gallery. Corrs Lane. Melbourne.

2014 - Dream Gardens - Cocoa Jackson. Flinders Lane. Melbourne

2014 - Dream Gardens -Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery. Gasworks Arts Park. Melbourne

2013/14 - 2013 - Fading Dynasties. Fad Gallery. Corrs Lane. Melbourne

2013 - Fading Dynasties. Cocoa Jackson. Flinders Lane. Melbourne

2012 - Andrew Pearson. Pumped Up. Fad Gallery. Melbourne

2011 - Andrew Pearson. 2005 to NOW. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2010 - RECENT WORK. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2009 - Hiding Places - Brunswick Street Gallery. Fitzroy. Melbourne.

2008 - The Picture Box Gallery. Fitzroy. Melbourne.

2008 - WALLPAPER - Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2007 - NEW WORK. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2007 - A-SPACE Gallery. NMIT. Preston. Melbourne.

2007 - 13 PAINTINGS. Sircuit Window Gallery. Fitzroy. Melbourne.

2006 - A THRILL A MINUTE. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2005 - PANDEMIA. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 - Home Free. Midsumma Festival 2015. Gasworks Arts Park. Albert Partk. Victoria.

2013 2014 - Darebin Art Show. Bundoora Homestead. Bundoora. Victoria.

2014 - Comfort Zone. Midsumma Festival 2014. Gasworks Arts Park. Albert Partk. Victoria.

2013/14 - Breslin Gallery. Nexus Modern Art, represented artist's group show. Carnegie. Victoria.

2013 - Painted Umbrella Installation. Rainbow Hotel. Fitzroy.

2013 - Feature Artist. Art 4 All. Fairfield Primary School. Fairfield. Victoria.

2010/11 - Nexus Modern Art. South Melbourne. Victoria.

2009/10 - Fad Gallery Christmas Show. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2009 - Lioli Gallery. Camberwell. Victoria.

2009 - Art Melbourne 09. Represented by Brunswick Street Gallery.

2008 - Gardner Gallery (Art Associates Australia). Richmond. Melbourne.

2008 - Fad Gallery Artists Group Show. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2006 - Postcard Show. Linden Gallery. St Kilda. Melbourne.

2005 - Fad Gallery Artists Group Show. Fad Gallery. Melbourne.

2002 - SLEEP. Installation. 'Tie Stealing Sociopath'. Arcadia. Fitzroy

2000 - Sight Specific installation. 'Schiphol'. Langridge Street Studios. Collingwood.

1999 - CATS AND WALLPAPER. with Tracy Ellerton. Arcadia. Fitzroy .

1995 - SUSPENSION. Installation. 'Umbrellas for different days'. Arcadia. Fitzroy


2016 - 'Peace Process' review. Arts Hub.

2016 - 'Peace Process' review. Beat Magazine.

2008 - 'Barnyard'. Mixed media on canvas. Andrew Pearson 2006. Included as support material for

Senior Secondary Students studying Visual Arts. Education Department of

Western Australia.



Gasworks Arts Park During Midsumma 2016,

renowned visual artist Andrew J Pearson will transform Gasworks Arts Park’s Foyer Gallery into a glittering temple of love, light, colour and rainbows with his stunning body of works Peace Process. Pearson’s Midsumma offering is more than just a visual arts exhibition.

By literally piecing together multiple fragments of compact disc and small laminated monochromatic tiles which, when viewed from a slight distance, form photographic images, Pearson has produced a magnificent collection of 20 portraits.

Pearson has chosen subjects who have contributed to a furtherance of acceptance and empowerment of those who are misunderstood, threatened and marginalised based on gender, sexuality and race.

This is a one-of-a-kind visual art experience that offers the viewer an opportunity to contemplate loving kindness and the human rights of all, while stepping into an immersive, rainbow filled gallery space that bursts with splendid colour spectrums in constant motion.

Peace Process can be viewed from now until Sunday February 14 in the Foyer Gallery at Gasworks Arts Park. Beat Magazine Jan. 2016

Peace Process colours the walls of the Gasworks Foyer Gallery

''Are you ready for beautifully intricate portraits of light, colour and love?

Peace Process is a series of portraits developed by Andrew Pearson and painstakingly crafted from tiny sections of CDs. This visual arts exhibition showcases individuals who have contributed to the empowerment of those who have been threatened and marginalised due to gender, sexuality or race. These portraits reflect an abundance of light and colour that you can simply get lost in staring at the beautiful complexity of each one.'' Arts Hub. Jan 2016


Matisse‚ Monet‚ Margaret Preston‚ Andy Warhol‚ Brett Whiteley.

76cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 101cm (H)
Oil Paint
101cm (W) x 101cm (H)
Mixed Media
76cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
100cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Oil Paint
100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Oil Paint
75cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Oil Paint
75cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Oil Paint
75cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Oil Paint
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