Angilyiya Mitchell

Blackstone, WA, Australia

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acrylic on canvas


This is a strong one, a strong story, tjukurrpa pulkana. In my painting I am only telling a little bit (of this story), I can’t say more. When I paint I’m thinking of that Wati, that cheeky man, Wati Nyiru. I also think of colours and how they change, dance across the lands. I tell the story with my words and my brush and the ladies in the art centre sing along. This painting takes place at Kuru Ala, a sacred place for women in Angilyiya's mother's country south of Papulankutja Blackstone. Wati Nyiru was following them, disguising himself as a Quandong tree, and then a Yirli fig, and then a carpet snake, spying on them as they made camp, building Wltjas and wind breaks and digging for food.


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